Inform knowledge-based services and line commission teams.

Knowledge-based Services

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What data do you provide clients on the mechanical forces affecting their lines?

Knowledge-based services offer a revenue stream and build customer relationships. A data-driven approach to the mechanical forces affecting line performance can give the competitive edge to any OEM or industry service provider.

Original Equipment Manufacturers and industry service providers are under increasing pressure to provide integrated solutions to packaging clients.

Without the proper tools to effectively promote condition-based maintenance and data-driven solutions, service contracts will be at-risk.

Revenue Stream Creation

Expand maintenance contracts and increase value through differentiation to support new revenue stream creation.


  • Increase consulting revenue with in-depth line inspections

  • Support a condition-based maintenance concept with customer deployed pressure and impact sensor tools

  • Introduce periodic pressure and impact audits as a service contract

  • Create an IT solution integrating data within existing MES

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Improved Customer Confidence

Reinforce confidence and minimize at-risk revenue through improved client relationships that rely on data rather than hearsay.


  • Use data feedback to improve the client-supplier relationship

  • Use auditing reports as a value add

  • Provide transparent data on your equipment’s performance

  • Ensure a richer service experience through fast issue resolution

  • Provide project completion audits at close of maintenance projects, etc.

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Innovation Leadership

Understand how design variables affect container damage and line efficiency to improve machine design, reduce R&D costs and differentiate service offerings.


  • Deliver a pressure and impact tool as a value-add

  • For OEMs, demonstrate equipment’s competitive advantages

  • Test proof of concepts earlier

  • Use data to reinforce competitive positioning

  • Introduce differentiated service offerings

photo of a canning line at highspeed

See how smart sensors can
improve your knowledge-based services.

In-Line Sensors for Service Delivery

Case Study

Carlsberg uses smart sensors globally to pinpoint breakage.

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Find the source
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