pharmaceutical vials on processing line

Pharmaceutical In-Line Sensors

Reduce the complications associated with pharmaceutical production and glass vials using smart in-line sensor data.

Why In-Line Sensors for the Pharmaceutical Industry?


Glass vials are selected for product protection, purity and safety; however, strict regulations and risk of expensive recalls dictates precise material handling and monitoring of the production process.

Trust reliable pharmaceutical production with data-driven measurement of impact and g-force.

Pharmaceutical vials are critical to the production process; however, strict regulation and risk of glass contamination resulting in expensive recalls dictate precise handling and monitoring of the production process. The use of smart in-line sensors brings visibility of vulnerable points be it impacts causing glass particulates, or damage and breakage. Identifying precise areas of g-force and impact allows for precise calibration and data driven decisions.

isolated pharmaceutical vial with sensor

Reliable data for innovative storage and drug delivery solutions.

Innovations in pharmaceutical product development often requires custom measurement solutions to analyze line tolerations for impact, vertical load, and friction (pressure) to particular specifications. Deployments of precise smart in-line monitoring solutions can speed the design cycle, reducing time to market and risk of complications during production.

pharmaceutical vials on processing line

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In-Line Sensors for the Pharmaceutical Industry

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