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8 out of 10 top brands trust Masitek smart sensors to improve packaging line performance, detect damage, and reach their sustainability goals. Let’s talk about your ideal solution.

3 glass containers and one includes Masitek smart sensor

The industry choice because it works.

Rapid Detection of
Container Damage

Enhance operations with smart sensors. From quick line checks that highlight high-load susceptibilities, to continuous monitoring for peak efficiency, Masitek rapidly identifies potential container damage to safeguard your production.  

Packaging Success

Harness real-life data from your line to refine packaging designs, deepen supplier relations, and strategically optimize equipment. Masitek smart sensors ensure light-weighting success and container quality during production.

Optimal Line Performance with Smart Sensors

Maximize production performance with Masitek. Our smart sensors support adherence to SOPs, optimal line set-ups and processing efficiency as well as container integrity in transit.