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Food Packaging In-Line Sensors

Budget, risk of recall and packaging designs complicate the food packaging process. In-line sensors help teams make better, data-driven decisions.

Why In-Line Sensors for the Food Industry?


Food processors are in a difficult position. Pushed to maximize line output while keeping costs low and mitigating damage, the slightest change to production can add complications and operator headaches.

Bring lightweight container projects to market effectively.

Introducing lightweight containers can save raw material and engineering costs but they need to move through the line quickly and consistently to recognize savings. Cans or containers that become damaged in production or cannot be properly sealed are not fit to take to market and increase downtime on the line. Ensure lightweight designs are properly vetted and speed design cycle time is optimized.

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Line efficiency gains from in-line inspection for food packaging.

In a highly competitive category, gains from increased processing speed, OEE gains and improved maintenance protocols are tangible. Limit downtime and improve in-line quality control with smart in-line sensors for food packaging.

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Mitigate food packaging loss during shipping and transportation.

To optimize end-to-end packaging KPI, shipment monitoring offers a preventative approach to food safety and loss prevention for food packaging. In addition to cold-chain monitoring, smart shipment monitors enable quantification of cost savings, dock-to-dock measurement of damaging variables during production and an overall reduction to transportation damage.

In-Line Sensors for the Food Industry

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