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OEM In-Line Sensors

Efficient line commissioning and differentiation represents an ongoing challenge for OEMs. With better data insights, Masitek smart sensors can help improve service and value.

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Why In-Line Sensors for OEMs?


Commissioning multiple lines as efficiently as possible while reinforcing values of innovation and thought-leadership to build and maintain customer relationships is a perpetual challenge for OEMs.

Shorten line commissioning and certify results.

Successful OEMs are increasing ROI on commissioning projects while providing a completion report citing objective data. Use a data-driven approach to focus on the right areas quickly, shortening line commissioning time. Sensor tools eliminate trial and error guesswork and certify that the new line is free of high impact and pressure.
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Create revenue streams through knowledge-based services.

Pressed to reach expanding revenue targets, OEMS can expand maintenance contracts and increase consulting revenue through in-depth line inspections, be it through customer deployed sensor tools or pressure and impact audits as a service contract.
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