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Health & Beauty In-Line Sensors

Personal care and beauty brands must deliver high-volume production in flawless packaging. Masitek in-line sensors help maintain first-time right quality on every run.

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Why In-Line Sensors for the Health & Beauty Industry?

While the image of health and beauty brands has been greatly enhanced with marketing trends such as personalization, luxury finishes and innovative container designs, the category is pushed to meet growing production volumes.

Produce personal care and beauty products with flawless packaging on every run.

The success of beauty and personal care brands relies on formulations that adhere to the strictest quality standards and packaging containers that reflect the same.

Delicate container materials and specialty finishes are susceptible to damage from variables such as impact, tilt, spin, and pressure which can be identified with in-line inspections.

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Innovative health and beauty packaging designs demand stringent design testing.

Packaging designers are embracing trends for luxury finishes and innovative custom designs for premium health and personal care products. These trends place additional pressure on production so designers must align their vision with the realities of an operation’s production capability.

Smart in-line sensors assist in the iteration of new container designs faster by quickly testing prototypes and variables, reducing time to isolate areas of improvement and opportunity.

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In-Line Sensors for the Health & Beauty Industry

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