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Spirits & Alcoholic Beverages In-Line Sensors

Distinctive glass packaging does not have to mean increased breakage during bottling. Maintain quality with in-line sensors from Masitek.

Why In-Line Sensors for the Spirits Industry?


In this premium category, distinctive glass packaging creates competitive differentiation and sales. Premium and luxury brand packaging and additional SKUs put bottling lines through a constant test.

Differentiate premium brand packaging design without compromising on packaging quality.  

Premium brands are shifting towards personalized, luxury finishes to build an on-shelf advantage.

Creating a competitive product in the spirits industry often means creating a brand through unique packaging design. This places pressure on in-line inspection and quality testing to ensure that damage caused by scuffing and impact are minimized while product integrity and output are maximized..

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Protect valuable product from in-line breakage and lost downtime.

Liquid volume loss and downtime from glass breakage are major issues on high speed bottling lines, especially when the product is time consuming to produce or in limited supply. Smart in-line sensors provide real-time information on impact and acceleration to help improve line efficiency and reduce losses associated with broken or damaged bottles.

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Luxury finishes are not effective without a proper seal.

An improper seal can have wide spread impacts on product integrity and operations costs. From recall risk and damage to brand perception to leakage during transit and product loss, proper corking and capping is a major factor in line efficiency and calibration. Accurately measuring downward pressure, while limiting the calibration and set up time required increases production availability and yield.

In-Line Sensors for the Spirits Industry

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