Prevent denting, crush damage and improper sealing in aluminum can handling.

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Lightweight and cost-effective, aluminum cans are an increasingly popular choice for producers, but the container is prone to denting, aesthetic, and crush damage.

We understand the complexity of processing cans.

The characteristics of aluminum containers provide protection against light, moisture, oxygen and various other contaminants. Combined with ease of handling and relative cost-effectiveness, deployment of aluminum cans and bottles has increased across industry sectors including soft drinks, beer, energy drinks, juice, food and wine.

Innovations in aluminum such as light-weighting and the increased availability of various shapes and sizes of containers has affected the complexity of processing and handling.

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Find the source of damage to cans.

Smart in-line sensors can be used to prevent the types of damage most common in aluminum cans and are an invaluable tool in research and development projects.

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Label Tearing

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Crush Damage

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Aesthetic Damage

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Improper Seal

See how smart sensors can boost your canning line’s performance

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Aluminum Food Cans

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