Sticky, time-consuming downtime clean-ups are a thing of the past at liqueur bottling facility.

Multinational Alcoholic Beverage Company


Sticky spills cause 45-minute (or longer) downtimes.

Irish Cream is an Irish whiskey- and cream-based liqueur that is a treat when added to coffee, but a mess when spilled in the filler.

In the facility that produces the liqueur, the production team struggled with sticky spills and breakage-triggered downtimes that could easily take 45 minutes or more to clean-up, not including the time spent to determine what caused the broken bottle.


ShockQC™ tracks areas of escalation to prevent downtime incidents.

The world’s largest spirits producer uses ShockQC in multiple processing sites including beer and liquor facilities, to detect where damage in their filler and other areas of the line can occur. In the liqueur example, ShockQC is used to proactively track areas of escalation to address issues before breakage or spilling occurs. In cases of spontaneous breakage, the sensor system is immediately deployed to pinpoint the root cause of damage. ShockQC is a smart replica of glass containers, cans or other fragile containers to measure IPS and G-Force to identify the root cause of damage with 99% repeatability. Location tracking with wireless Bluetooth beacons pinpoint the origin of damage and opportunities for improvement.
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Catastrophic breakage and downtime are reduced in facilities across the globe.