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Glass Manufacturing In-Line Sensors

Glass manufacturers must ensure containers meet fillers’ expectations. With better data insights, Masitek smart sensors can help product quality, value and ongoing adherence to SLAs.

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Why In-Line Sensors for Glass Manufacturing?


Even with exhaustive testing through the production process and cold end inspection, containers that do not perform on the filling line are subject to rejection. Beyond inclusions and faults, glass manufacturers must understand all variables causing glass container breakage.

Real-time impact and IPS ratings for quality and performance

Exhaustive laser, mechanical and manual checks during glass manufacturing ensure that glass containers will pass stringent health and safety standards by eliminating faults including checks, stone inclusions, bubbles, blisters and thin glass. Performance at filling operations however, can put strains on the glass that surpass the container’s IPS rating. Smart in-line sensors detect high-impact areas and provide a real-time reading of IPS for rapid adjustments.

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Certify lightweight and innovative glass container designs meet specifications.

Engineering a lightweight or innovative container design demands extensive testing, not only to prevent over- or under-engineering but to ensure consistent performance during filling and shipping. Glass manufacturers along with category leaders in beverage, personal care and food deploy smart in-line sensors in their packaging design process to understand how pressure, impact and vertical load issues affect various container types and materials.

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In-Line Sensors for Glass Manufacturing

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