Test packaging designs and shorten design cycles.

Research & Development

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Do you have the tools to validate design options against line performance?

Accurate design testing not only shortens the design cycle, but also provides the agility and data required to optimize both the container design and processing variables.

Packaging and equipment designers face the challenge of satisfying marketing’s requirements for the design within pre-existing production constraints. Accurate design testing using sensor-driven data enables a complete assessment of line conditions. This data-driven process also builds an understanding of how pressure, impact and vertical load issues affect various container types and materials.

Accurate Design Testing

Deploy a data-driven design and testing process to deliver new container designs that can be successfully processed through existing lines.


  • Push container design innovation
    Ensure lightweighting variables are not over- or under-engineered

  • Test new equipment before committing

  • Deploy a data driven process rather than trial and error

  • Reduce waste using the sensor to test instead of live containers

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Design Cycle Agility

Iterate new container designs faster by quickly testing prototypes and variables, reducing time to isolate areas of improvement and opportunity.


  • Minimize time wasted on design changes that trigger unintended results

  • Increase design agility by isolating areas of improvement on the line to allow new designs to survive production

  • Use data through the entire cycle of new product design to design and validate a better final product

  • Test earlier in the design process
    Rapid-test and compare prototypes

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See how smart sensors can
improve your research and development.

In-Line Sensors for Research & Development

Case Study

Carlsberg uses smart sensors globally to pinpoint breakage.

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Find the source
of packaging damage
on the line.

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