Design issues related to vertical load capacity of a new container are solved in pre-production with data from in-line sensors.

Soft Drink Giant


A new wide-mouth PET design has issues in the capper, creating an improper seal.

A prominent global soda company was having trouble determining issues in capping with a new one litre PET bottle design. The local engineering team was struggling to understand the cause of the issues and concluded that without reliable data, problem solving would continue to be hit and miss.

Operations staff tried various methods to identify what was going wrong but nothing worked. They lacked the data they needed to find a solution.


Soft drink giant takes advantage of the smart sensor technology available from VerticalQC™.

The engineering team took advantage of the smart sensor technology available from VerticalQC to replicate the new container and process the next stage of testing. The vertical pressure sensor provided real time information on the vertical load capacity of the new design and helped turn trial and error into logical data driven solutions. The design was finalized, and the transition from engineering design to real-world application was deemed a success. 

VerticalQC smart sensor replicas are best used as part of your regular calibration process to put an end to lengthy shut downs and improve overall line efficiency. Location tracking beacons identify exact problem areas for immediate corrective action.

packaged soft drinks in bottles

VerticalQC™ led to a successful transition from engineering design to production.